• Fire Suppression System

Semi Annually 

  1. Restaurant Fire Suppression System – testing and maintenance
  2. Spray Booth Dry Chemical Suppression System – testing and maintenance
  3. Clean Agent Systems – FM-200 / Halon – inspection


  1. Fire Extinguisher – annual inspection
  2. Fire Hose – Annual inspection
  3. Fire Pump – Annual testing
  4. Fire Sprinkler / Deluge / Pre-Action – Annual testing
  5. Dry Stand Pipe – Tested every 5 years
  6. Wet Stand Pipe – Tested every 5 years
  7. Fire Hydrants – Annual testing and inspection

Services Offered

Elite Fire Services Inc provides a wide array of fire services to businesses in Honolulu, Oahu, and other areas of Hawaii. Our core services include fire system installation, fire system maintenance, fire system inspection, and fire testing services. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we can provide the comprehensive fire services your business needs. Our fire service company works with businesses of all types to ensure their systems are adequately installed, maintained, and serviced.

Fire Protection Inspection Services

Inspecting fire equipment regularly assists in the proper maintenance to ensure its complete functionality. The goal of the inspection is to make certain that all fire systems are performing optimally. Our written reports are provided electronically for your convenience so you can have it available for your inspection deadline.

Elite Fire Services Inc installs fire system equipment according to the standard levels. We install fire extinguishers, pumps, and other fire equipment accurately and efficiently. We can also provide the fire system maintenance and testing services your business needs.

Contact Elite Fire Services Inc

Contact Elite Fire Services Inc to schedule professional fire services by calling us at 808) 841-8409 today! We look forward to delivering the outstanding fire inspection services your business can rely on.